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<段童虎> 2018-11-18 23:28:36.920
Desciption: Please fill in the information of the members according to the form below. Tomorrow it must be handed to me. If the members before 2016 can not fill in the number of the members. If they join the group after 2016, they must fill in the number of the members. The number of the members is on each member's card.
Plat: Asm | Size: 51KB | Downloads: 0
<丁觅江> 2018-11-18 23:26:55.473
Desciption: Dedecms plug-in for WeChat share, generate thumbnails of sharing
Plat: PHP | Size: 10KB | Downloads: 0
<ialkq> 2018-11-18 23:26:23.180
Desciption: Animal program in the artificial intelligence course by Wang Wansen, c +
Plat: Visual C++ | Size: 34KB | Downloads: 0
<学习中> 2018-11-18 23:24:45.323
Desciption: Web developers can learn from them.
Plat: Java | Size: 2939KB | Downloads: 0
<ialkq> 2018-11-18 23:23:51.610
Desciption: The usage of binary tree, deeply understand the storage and reading way of tree and binary tree in computer.
Plat: Dev C++ | Size: 112KB | Downloads: 0
<徐许> 2018-11-18 23:21:01.383
Desciption: I think the C implementation of image mosaic algorithm is quite good
Plat: C-C++ | Size: 17625KB | Downloads: 0
<appeno> 2018-11-18 23:16:43.090
Desciption: Random numbers with uniform distribution, Gao Si distribution, exponential distribution, Poisson distribution, gamma distribution, etc.
Plat: Dev C++ | Size: 213KB | Downloads: 0
<YEE YENE WONG> 2018-11-18 23:15:42.433
Desciption: matlab hide data in image
Plat: matlab | Size: 231KB | Downloads: 0
<appeno> 2018-11-18 23:15:20.957
Desciption: Also is the high precision operation, here has the courseware, may refer to
Plat: C-C++ | Size: 400KB | Downloads: 0
<Yoga Habiyanto> 2018-11-18 23:13:45.877
Desciption: XDesigner untuk program HMI MT series
Plat: Others | Size: 18748KB | Downloads: 0
<urwend> 2018-11-18 23:10:24.350
Desciption: In artificial intelligence, the classical image processing and image denoising based on wavelet transform can be downloaded and used
Plat: C-C++ | Size: 123KB | Downloads: 0
<urwend> 2018-11-18 23:09:07.010
Desciption: The cloud model generation algorithm, and this is what I've been doing for a couple of days, and you can take a look at it.
Plat: Visual C++ | Size: 63KB | Downloads: 0

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