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Description:   A CG heavyweight masterpiece, this book, combined with some of the open source renderer (aqsis, pixie, toxic ...) source code, can in the preparation of the renderer and then on the upper floor. Some advanced renderer features such as photon mapping/caustics, final gathering, Monte Carlo GI, Irradiance Caching, Volume Rendering code book with a detailed explanation. The use of Plug in, some of the students also use this book to achieve a subsurface scattering. The book also provides a number of challenging programming exercises, the book can greatly enhance the ability to describe the PBRT. See in personally think that this is the second An Introduction to Ray Tracing on after the best ray tracer/GI books. Another feature of this book is " heavy" up to 7 pounds, all with the coated paper. This is a trend in book publishing CG.

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